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Performance onshore and offshore


Herrenknecht Vertical’s rigs and components are used for drilling and workover activities in widely ranging applications. Our hydraulic rig technology maximizes operational and business performance. We optimize our engineering and products to master challenges and meet market demands.


Within the growing area of renewables, geothermal energy uniquely provides constant power regardless of weather or season. It is also a reliable heating source for district heating and industry. High temperatures just beneath the earth’s crust are found wherever tectonic plates meet. Optimum geothermal conditions are often in volcanic and poorly accessible locations. However, geothermal energy can also be used where deeper reservoirs must be accessed.

Geothermal energy is typically produced near or in urban areas to minimize transport distances to consumers. Also, drilling usually takes place in challenging geological conditions such as naturally fragmented and therefore unstable underground or in granite or other hard rock.

Our hydraulic rigs are ideal for demanding, deep geothermal projects.

  • safe, compact and quiet - they can be sited near people and sensitive areas
  • automated processes
  • minimized personnel requirements
  • operational and financial success
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An important area is the late-life asset management of mature offshore fields in terms of production enhancement and decommissioning. 
Raising production while investment is falling calls for extremely efficient solutions. Well intervention jobs are shorter than drilling jobs and include many tasks. While they are implemented with standard drilling units, by contrast our designs are highly mobile and reduce flat times between different well interventions. The units incorporate a life well intervention possibility through the direct acting hoisting system, which works in a similar way to a snubbing unit.

Our approach for decommissioning:

  • hydraulic rig concept
  • critical paths integrated in one specialized unit for focused, cost-efficient operations
  • no need for multi-disciplinary operator teams


Our well intervention and plug and abandonment rig concepts:

  • hydraulic, compact and lightweight
  • increased usable deck area, payload and viability for older platforms


Our offshore rig packages:

  • ensure high utilization
  • meet requirements such as well intervention, P&A and light drilling
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Rising global energy demand necessitates developing more complex and costly oil and gas deposits – often found at greater depths, in deep seas or trapped in shale.

Increasing technological challenges require specifically adapted rig solutions for different drilling applications:

  • extended-reach wells and pad drilling for deep and complex reservoirs
  • drilling in remote areas
  • standardized, highly efficient factory drilling
  • fast moving, self-erecting or walking rigs
  • always precise and safe drilling (hydraulic hoisting and full automation)
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