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Optimum support for your fleet

Operational performance does not only depend on the core drilling rig, but is determined by the overall rig package including backyard components and their efficient integration.

Herrenknecht Vertical has developed state-of-the-art drilling components, which best match with its hydraulic rig solutions. They also serve customers with existing conventional rigs as stand alone components to upgrade and modernize their fleet. The stand alone components come with their own power supply and control system. The remote control panel can be integrated within the customer’s control system and all interfaces for data exchange are provided.

Our experts are at your side from the design phase to new equipment commissioning and training, ensuring smooth integration, start-up and operation.


Our hydraulically driven rotary top drives integrate all features for onshore and offshore drilling in oil and gas, as well as for geothermal applications. The entire system is CE-certified and allows high-performance pushing as well as pulling operations. Relevant components are designed according to API 8C.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • hook load from 270mt (300sht) over 450mt (500sht) up to 825mt (910sht)
  • high torque capacities, large quill ID and push capability 
  • precise control for demanding requirements
  • available as stand-alone components with tailor-made guide rail system, hydraulic or power pack and remote control
  • thoroughly tested after manufacturing at our in-house test facilities under full speed, full torque and full load

In addition to the hydraulic top drive portfolio, Herrenknecht Vertical also offers electric top drives in various sizes. Contact us for more details.


Herrenknecht Vertical offers triplex mud pumps “Made in Germany“ to work with its rigs or as stand alone units, ranging from 1,000hp to 2,200hp and working pressures of 5,000psi to 15,000psi. Different configurations are available: electric motor or diesel-driven, air- or water-cooled. The pumps are mounted on oilfield skids and can be equipped with a noise protection housing.

Key benefits enhance the lifetime at minimum maintenance:

  • robust design based on 30,000 operational hours under full load
  • spur gearbox transmits the motor power to the mud pump, instead of using belt transmission
  • ball joint heads in the power unit instead of crossheads prevent shear forces
  • extended power unit warranty due to using a four-fold mounted crankshaft and eliminating an internal pinion shaft
  • dumping chamber preventing the mixing of mud and gear oil to maximize environmental protection and minimize maintenance

Before being sent into the field, the mud pumps can be tested at our in-house test setup under full motor speed and working pressure.


Herrenknecht Vertical’s remotely controlled hydraulic power catwalks automate the transportation of tubulars from the ground to the rig floor and vice versa. Tubulars, drill collars and casings are run in a highly efficient way, enhancing overall safety by replacing manual handling. Our portfolio of power catwalks comprises various capacities from super singles to doubles, up to a maximum load of 4.5 metric tons (5.0 short tons) and a diameter of 24 inches. The power catwalks come with an onboard hydraulic power unit and a remote control panel that allows flexible control either from the rig floor or at ground level.


Herrenknecht Vertical integrates various automated pipe handling systems into rig concepts to enable hands-off operations, eliminate hazardous working places and increase operational safety. On conventional rigs, automation of pipe handling and racking processes can be applied as an upgrade.

For conventional vertical pipe racks at the mast, Herrenknecht Vertical has developed a modernization package. It replaces the derrick man at fingerboard level by a two-component pipe handling system that allows for automated hands-off tripping operations. The lower pipe feeder at rig floor level bears the full load of the handled tubulars. The pipe guide at the mechanized fingerboard moves synchronously with the pipe feeder. The system can handle drill pipes in triples, and drill collar, with a maximum weight of 6 metric tons (6.6 short tons) and maximum diameter of 9 inches.

The special design does not require a reinforcement of the derrick structure, as loads are directly transmitted into the rig floor and substructure. This is the major benefit compared with other fingerboard automation systems. The stand-alone component modernization package comes with its own containerized power supply and control system with anti-collision and interlock concept.


Herrenknecht Vertical introduces the newest generation of Iron Roughneck, developed and engineered for the toughest and most demanding working conditions, onshore or offshore: HV-IR120.

The HV-IR120 Iron Roughneck takes on the toughest job on a rig – making up and breaking out drill pipe, drill collars and BHAs – and still has more than enough torque to make and break drill bits. The HV-IR120 is able to deliver quick and efficient connections, due to its very innovative ±120° torque up / breaking out sequence.

Key benefits:

  • Handles API and premium connections and other extended length threaded tool joints
  • Standard hydraulic pilot operated controls (electrical version available)
  • Stepping guide
  • High torque spinner
  • ±120° torque rotation
  • Three jaw torqueing system
  • Spinning wrench thread compensation

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