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Successful drilling in the Brazilian jungle

Two deep drilling rigs made by Herrenknecht Vertical have been in operation for the company Petrobras in Brazil since June 2009. 40 wells have already been successfully completed with the Terra Invader 350 slingshot rigs. The rigs are used to explore oil and gas in remote areas of the Brazilian rainforest in the State of Bahia, accessible only by narrow and poorly developed roads. The deep drilling rigs have already completed a total of around 110,000m at depths of down to 4,000 meters per well. Further drillings for Petrobras are planned. In addition, one of the rigs will be used in the near future on an oil field of the National Petroleum Agency ANP located about 1,000km from the present site, as part of Brazil's energy program. Due to the remote location of the jobsite, this is more than just a logistical challenge. The rig will be used for research purposes and is set to drill down to a maximum depth of 4,300m.


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