High-Tech Drilling Rigs custom-made

High-tech deep drilling rigs for the success of your project:
the Terra Invader series.


HERRENKNECHT VERTICAL offers high-tech drilling solutions, tailor-made to meet the needs of any customer and any drilling project. Terra Invader type deep drilling rigs are used for onshore and offshore wells to depths of up to 8,000 meters. This high-tech drilling equipment has many advantages over conventional drilling rigs, both for exploratory drills in oil and gas fields and for geothermal energy projects.

High level of working safety

The high level of automation with hands-off technologies, for example for pipe handling, minimizes the risk of accidents for drilling personnel on rig.

High level of drill hole safety

The innovative hydraulic cylinder hoisting system allows extremely sensitive control of the top drive, and thus precise work in the drill hole.

Lower personnel requirements

The high level of automation means that Terra Invader drilling rigs can be manned by only 4 people per shift.

Better environmental protection

Another feature of our deep drilling rigs is their high noise protection. At a distance of 150 meters, the noise level they produce is equivalent to no more than that of a radio at normal listening volume.

High tripping speed

The semi-automatic pipe handler means drill pipes and casing can be mounted and removed quickly and safely. Up to 600m/h under ideal conditions.

Low space requirements

The compact design of the Terra Invader drilling rigs means they require less space at the well site. That saves site costs and increases location flexibility.

Easy skiddability

The deep drilling rigs, once they are assembled at the well site, can be shifted (skidded) by up to ten meters to a new working area. This means doublet wells can be made without the need to completely dismantle and reassemble the rigs.